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Characterizing compounds acting on β-arrestin2 coupled GPCRs

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Dive deeper into research on the GPCR signaling pathway

β-arrestins are intracellular proteins that play an important role in GPCR signaling. Complexes formed between ligand-occupied GPCRs and β-arrestin lead to interaction with adaptor protein AP2. This interaction is followed by internalization of the receptors. HTRF technology is effective for studying the interaction between AP2 and β-arrestin2.

Get your application note to discover:

  • The applicability of the β-arr2 recruitment kit to a variety of compounds acting on β-arrestin2, and its ability to correctly rank pharmacological compounds (agonists and antagonists)
  • How you can detect the β-arrestin2 / AP2 interaction for all classes of GPCRs
  • Detailed experimental conditions and explanatory diagrams


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