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Highly specific tools for β-arrestin monitoring in various cells

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Improve your research on β-arrestin with HTRF® technology

The β-arrestins 1 and 2 play a central role in GPCR signaling pathways by regulating agonist-mediated GPCR signaling. The β-arrestins mediate both desensitization and resensitization processes, targeting many receptors for internalization by recruiting GPCRs to the AP-2 complex and clathrin internalization sinks. The involvement of β-arrestins appears to vary significantly depending on their expression, type, receptors, the ligands involved, and cell types.

This application note presents a convincing demonstration of monitoring β -arrestin 1 and 2 expressed in various cellular models, using the HTRF total β-arrestin 1 and HTRF total β-arrestin 2 kits: 

  • Highly specific and independent detection of non-targeted β-arrestin expression level
  • Ability to monitor the expression of endogenous and overexpressed β-arrestin 1 and 2
  • Potential applications for a variety of cell models

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