The kinetics of drug-receptor binding: why it is important and how we can measure it


What is covered in this webinar:


  • Interest of studying drugs' binding kinetics in depth
  • Status of the current methods to measure receptor kinetics
  • New innovative approach using TR-FRET capable of measuring the kinetics of hundreds of compounds simultaneously


Steven Charlton

Dr Steven Charlton - Professor of Molecular Pharmacology and Drug Discovery

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Louise Affleck

Dr Louise Affleck - Business Development Manager Life Sciences



Catherine Wark - Senior Applications Scientist



Optimizing the receptor binding kinetics of new drugs can have significant benefits, ranging from improved duration of action to enhanced efficacy through the insurmountable antagonism of dynamic physiological systems. Most of the current assays are technically difficult to implement and relatively low-throughput. This talk will review these methods and then describe the development of a novel approach using time-resolved FRET in continuous read mode that is capable of simultaneously measuring the kinetics of hundreds of compounds.